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Bear Grylls Survival Series Scout, Drop Point, Serrated

Designed with scouting in mind, the Scout draws on Bear’s experience as Chief UK Scout and figurehead to 28 million Scouts worldwide.

Item # 31-000754
  • Overall Length: 18.5 cm
  • Closed Length: 10.2 cm
  • Blade Length: 9.2 cm
  • Weight: 68 g


  • Thin and Lightweight Folding Knife
  • ½ Serrated High Carbon Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade - Ideal for edge retention and cutting rope
  • Dual-Sided Thumb Stud - For easy single-hand opening
  • Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip - Maximizes comfort and reduces slippage
  • Lock Back - Locks blade securely in place and maximizes safety during closing
  • Clip for convenient pocket carry
  • Priorities of Survival - Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials


5 Something Carl - MAY 27, 2015

I love this knife!

4 Hi Hi - MAY 26, 2015

Love it

5 mr Jeff - MAR 22, 2015


4 Mr Nathan - FEB 26, 2015

Great knife, loved mine, unfortunately the area on the handle directly surrounding the screw in the middle where the locking mechanism pivots, stretched and eventually become too loose to hold together properly. Tough blade though.

5 Awsome, One Problem The Eagel Scout - FEB 23, 2012

Before I became an Eagel scout I had this knife. I knew that I could rely on it for everything I would do, and I was right. The only problem is that it will rust very quickly. One night I was sitting by the campfire with the others when it started to pour heavy rain. In all of the comotion, I left it on the log I was on. The next day, the top of the blade was coverd in rust!

5 cool nick rowe - FEB 22, 2012


4 Good Jarrad - FEB 18, 2012

this would be awesome with a nylon sheath

3 Miner operator Marc Prevost - FEB 18, 2012

Good blade, nice handle. Does not open smoothly. Out of all the knives I have owned designed to open one handed, this is the worse. It has a bad placement of thump stubs and does not open smoothly. It is easy to catch your thumb on the serrated blade when opening one handed. It is a poor design in that respect. Would not buy or recommend for youth.

5 Great George - FEB 11, 2012

I think that im going to get it at BCF in Australia

5 survivor (in training) hunter - FEB 9, 2012

good knife... excellent design and handle, fits great in my hand and is actually a decent throwing knife, LOVE IT

5 Question Arthur - FEB 6, 2012

Finally back on, should i get this one or the BEAR GRYLLS SURVIVAL SERIES, FOLDING (SHEATH) KNIFE?

5 from holland Mitchell - FEB 5, 2012

i realy love this nice knife

5 PLEASE!!! Dan - FEB 4, 2012

Can you give me one for free? :(

3 bear gyrills scout eric - FEB 3, 2012

ok knife nice rubber grip but the lock sucks it will drop on ur fingers easy and i cut wood for the first time with it and one of the surrations on it bended over and it doesnt work the same any more so im going to try to return it if i can

5 great knif but needs sharpener jon - FEB 1, 2012

this is over all a great knife but it should have a sharpener
it does get dull

Quick, Light, Compact!!!

5 Original Package Marcelo Doerflinger - JAN 29, 2012

I'd like to know if the original Scout comes in a paper box or in a blister pack...

5 bear grylls scout tommy - JAN 23, 2012

great knife but gets not sharp quick

5 wd james - JAN 20, 2012

I got this knife and it is great.

5 Great Knife Jeff - JAN 20, 2012

A buddy gave me this knife for Christmas, Very durable, nice thick blade - holds up very well. I chopped through a 1" wild grape vine in no time... No harm to the knife and it maintained a sharp edge.

5 headshooter harrison - JAN 18, 2012

this is legendary it never leaves my side

5 sharp tim - JAN 14, 2012

I recieved this knife for christmas and was very suprised. I took it out and cut a few zip ties on a toy my brother got. On around the fourth zip tie the knife slipped and i cut my finger. A few hours and stitches later i came back to the knife. what i like most about it is the deep belly on the is extremly sharp. the only draw back is that it is akward to carry as when folded it is squared.

5 Malta Kyle Azzopardi - JAN 12, 2012

Can you pls send these products to Malta because i am very looking forward to buy one. pls iam baging i realy like them

5 Malta Kyle Azzopardi - JAN 12, 2012

Can you pls send these products to Malta because i am very looking forward to buy one. pls iam baging i realy like them

5 Mr Mike Stefanko - JAN 11, 2012

I carried the Gerber EZ Out for years and love it. Just upgraded to this knife and have forgotten all about the others. A little bigger but a whole lot more knife. Great feel without being too heavy in your pocket. And my Son thinks it's cool because of the name. Honestly had to look up who Bear was. Sorry.

5 mr Kaalvoet Varkie - JAN 9, 2012

this is a great knife. I have always been keen on knifes but never carried one all the time. Now I take my scout with me where ever I go. I can use this little pigsticker all the time. I also love the way the grip fits my hand, makes it very easy to handel and just feels comfortable. One tip though, look after the blade espesially if it was exposed to water containing chemicals. rinse it well and dry it.

5 best survival knife maxx - JAN 8, 2012

i have used this knife on wood paper rope and it held up with a great great locking blade and belt clip strong and my favorite this is great thanks gerber and bear grylls

5 more prouducts bear - JAN 7, 2012

mabye gerber should mak bear grylls compass and watch

4 Switchin' Ludwig - JAN 5, 2012

this knife was a gift and i thought i might be cheaper because it was made in china but im surprised with its quality.

5 blah Holiday - DEC 30, 2011

My frend has this knife and it is great, it is lightweight and barley ever needs sharpening. Also does anyone know where I can get this in sterling ( pounds)

5 knife READ - DEC 30, 2011

Does anyone know where I can get this in sterlings

5 nice jr zomibe killer - DEC 30, 2011

love this knife it is razor sharp.

5 Awesome knife! Navy Seabee - DEC 30, 2011

Awsome knife for the money! I owned several other knives almost exactly the same, except one of the Bucks wasn't serated. Sharpest knife I hav ever owned, Holds an edge well, cool looks, cheap price, what more can you ask for? My personal favorite aspect of the knife other than comfort and looks is the fract that it's "partialy serated." I don't know how many times I have broked the points of serades or it fetched up on them!

5 Lt Vaughn - DEC 28, 2011

Brilliant Knife!!! owned alot of knives in my time but nothing as comfortable, light or enjoyable to use as this knife.

5 Knife collector Riley - DEC 28, 2011

Great knife and can save your ass in a lot of sticky situations

5 produce mgr. Brooks - DEC 26, 2011

The most comfortable I have ever put in my hands ..Love it!

5 must have knife remington hunter - DEC 23, 2011

great knife had it for 2 months it does everything a hunter like me needs. straight from the box its razor sharp and i love the knife. great job gerber

5 works like a charm mason - DEC 20, 2011

it is sharp,light,and comfortable to hold. i would suggest it to anyone.

5 Read person - DEC 12, 2011

great knife not to big not to small, sharp, fits in hand, good grip, cheap, quick one hand opening i would defiantly recommend this knife. downside,s its not one hand closing and not the best quality but for $30 defiantly worth every cent.

5 surviving is fun Outdoor survivor - DEC 11, 2011

awesome knife, very useful but was going to get folding (sheath) knife so glad i did not because my friends had got it and 2 of my friend's knife had already broke on our third trip.

5 eng juan - DEC 7, 2011


4 EMT Keith - DEC 1, 2011

This is my go to knife for my job in the field. I work in EMS and have many uses for a knife, and my previous knife (of a different brand) broke on me in the field. Getting fed up with cheap knives I found Gerber. I think I will be a customer for a long time.

4 Your Title David Walker - NOV 28, 2011

Great Knife but I have caught the belt clip while sitting. I t bent and broke when I tried to fix it...I am lost when I dont have this at my side

5 Great knife Adam - NOV 22, 2011

This is a good knife. The blade is strong and sharp, the handle is "grippy" and overall, its a great knife. I recommened it

3 Educated Outlaw Chris Callahan - NOV 17, 2011

Are there better knives, like this one, out there? Yes. Are there better ones for $29.00? No. Outstanding value for the cost...this knife will not disappoint.

3 Your Title Brandon K. - NOV 15, 2011

I've had this knife for awhile. Its comfortable to use and seems to stay pretty sharp. It took no time at all for the clip the bend very badly. It caught on a seat belt and has almost bent all the way back. Not very impressed with it's durability for a survival knife.

5 Your Title caleb livingston - NOV 10, 2011

best knife i ever owned. skinned a deer life butter

5 Gerberlover James - NOV 4, 2011

I've had this knife for almost 2 years, is absolutely amazing! Thanks Gerber!

3 old man Alex - OCT 31, 2011

Factory sharpening is not good. The knife should be resharpened. Perhaps,because it made in china
My be I'm wrong, but It looks like blade is hard enough to stay sharp. Factory's edge is just a bur.

5 Jason Jason - OCT 29, 2011

I own the Scout and love it! I will pick up the larger folder today. I read reviews saying how poor this seris of knives is for chopping. If you want to chop buy an axe. Use your knife as a knife and stop whining.

5 Great FJ - OCT 29, 2011

Great blade would prefer if the orange was rubber.

5 Awesome Louie the Farmer - OCT 21, 2011

Sharp right outta the box! I recommend it to any people who enjoy hunting/being a bad ass!

2 does not hold an edge as well as other Gerbers db - OCT 17, 2011

This is a basic ambidextrous thumb stud lock back. I'd like it better if the orange was blase orange. It doesn't hold an edge as well as my other Gerber knives and the edge bends. This lack of durability is disappointment.
I am not a fan of serrated bla

5 The Best Dillon - OCT 10, 2011

I've spent a good amount of money on high end pocket knives case, buck, old timer, cold steel. This is the best knife i've owned yet keeps a good edge, sturdy, practical. Best value as well.

2 Not the best RS - OCT 4, 2011

this knife is great outa the box but it dont take or hold an edge.

5 Excellent DJ - SEP 18, 2011

Great Knife for the price. razor sharp right out of the box!! would highly suggest this knife to anyone

5 review scout pocket knife... Manuel Antonio Quemé Andrino - SEP 18, 2011

it`s a great knife, pocket, lightweight, very hard bot the better of all is the sharp, really good, no need maintenance in a long time, and it easy to clean (some very important in a pocket knife) another thing is the color mix... very attractive is n

5 Scout Approved Josh L - SEP 17, 2011

I bought this knife a few months ago and I haven't gone a single day without it in my pocket. I'm an Eagle Scout and have gone through quite a few pocket knives over the years. This one definitely holds up to all the abuse I put it through. Sturdy and hol

5 Very good knife Bruno - SEP 16, 2011

This knife is very lightweight and very strong

5 Your Title Travis - SEP 10, 2011

Great knife use it for everyday gets the job done.Overall this knife is a great tool.

4 Great EDC Knife Jono - SEP 10, 2011

Great knife. I haven't gone a day in the past 6 month without this knife in my pocket.

5 Everyday Knife James Green - SEP 1, 2011

I bought this knife and carry it everywhere(that is legal). I am a big fan of Gerber and bigger fan of Bear. While in the military i carried a similiar Gerber knife and just replaced it with Bear's. My previous one is over 6 years old and works like a cha

5 Good Folder Chad - AUG 30, 2011

This is a good knife. I only have 2 problems with it. The first is that it is not very smooth at opening.The second is that the steel could be higher grade than it is. Other than that it is a super good knife. 4.5 stars... what the heck! a'll give it 5!

4 Your Title charlie - AUG 29, 2011

Just brought this knife on a 60 mile backpacking trip and it worked out great for me the whole time!

5 Great knife. Jason - AUG 23, 2011

Great knife from Gerber

3 Mr James Tung - AUG 18, 2011

Very reliable.

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